Hi there!
I’m a Film Sound Post Production Generalist

I’ll be happy to help you with sound design for your Film, Television, Web, VR or AR project!

I’ve been involved in a number of famous and Award-winning projects since 2002, such as “A Good Man“, “Interns”, “Gold Diggers“, “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away”, “House Arrest”, TV shows for Channel One, 2х2Match TV. I did the sound design for animation works360 videosVR and AR projects. And of course, I’ve made a lot of trailersshort films, commercials for such brands as Subaru, Mazda, Seagate, Rostelecom, Mastercard, Nornickel, Procter & Gamble, CGF, K&K Group, Tvoy Dom, Baltika 7, 2×2 etc.

VGIK Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography
– Film Director in Cinematography and Film/Video Production (2014)
Moscow State Industrial University (Moscow Polytech since 2015)
– Computer Programming and Economics (2005)

Side projects: – spatial sound works (Suspended)
Audioplugin sales – Telegram group about audio software sales


My core competency is Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing.
Mostly fiction and documentaries that do not have ADR capabilities.
I also managed a teams of up to 10 sound professionals as a Supervising Sound Editor.

I am familiar with the entire video and film production workflow, from script writing to color grading and DCP creation.
Being able to work under tight budgets and deadlines, I always try to solve the directing tasks of a project with the available methods.

Also I work with Spatial Audio formats for 360 degree video and VR.


I built an isolated and calibrated control room with TC Electronic Studio Konnekt48, THX-sertified monitors Mackie HR624 and additional Genelec 8010A monitors for surround editing. Also I have a couple of MIDI controllers and some professional headphones (Sennheiser HD 600, Sennheiser HD 25 Sony MDR7506, etc.).
For surround re-recording I prefer to work in top-quality studios, such as Mosfilm or Cinelab Sound Mix.
Pro Tools Ultimate
iZotope RX Post Production Suite the best software for sound restoration and some great mixing tools
FabFilter – very powerful equalisers, compressors, limiters, etc.
The Cargo Cult – software for panning, delay effects, reconform
Waves Diamond bundle – various useful plugins
Also I use some of SoundtoysAudio EaseZynaptiq, PSPaudiowareMelda ProductionMcDSP, Eventide Audio, etc. plug ins.
Field Recording
Nevaton MC 59c (Cardioid matched stereo pair) with Rycote ORTF windshield – great small universal microphones.
Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic with Rycote windshield- my main microphone for ambisonic recordings.
LOM MicroUsi Pro with Bubblebee wind protection and
LOM Geofon – vibration capture
Ultrasonicmic 96k MKII – Ultrasonic mic
Zoom F6 Recorder – 32bit/192kHz 6-channel recorder with ambisonic decoder.
I also rent any professional gear I need: all the microphones (Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser, Sanken, Nevaton, DPA and so on) and recorders (Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Aaton etc.) are availible.


Интерактивные, рекламные проекты
ADR / VO Recordist, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Design, Supervising Sound Editor